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Breathe Again – Become a Chaparral Naturalist

Our New Class Begins February 25, 2023.Please Join Us by Applying on Our Website. There’s nothing quite like discovering kindred spirits at a neighborhood pub. Apparently, everyone had been forewarned and was happy about it – I had come to recruit for Nature, with… Continue Reading “Breathe Again – Become a Chaparral Naturalist”

Destroyer of Habitat – US Forest Service

Due to a sudden influx of money, a federal agency that had once shown promise of becoming a protector of native chaparral habitat, has become a destroyer. The Los Padres National Forest plans to clear a quarter million acres of habitat, most of which… Continue Reading “Destroyer of Habitat – US Forest Service”

Native plants and animals have a right to be left alone.

In Pursuit of Logic: Part IV of V Native plants and animals have a right to be left alone. Left alone, Nature is beautiful, as it has been for millions of years. Without us. A fair number of people are threatened by that independence.… Continue Reading “Native plants and animals have a right to be left alone.”