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Three Easy Ways to Live Longer, Happier

By Sitting, Listening, Reading, and ConversingPart I: # 1 – 3 1. Listen to Birds In a new study, four German scientists demonstrated that listening to bird song reduces depression, anxiety, and paranoia (Stobbe et al. 2022). It is yet another confirmation that being… Continue Reading “Three Easy Ways to Live Longer, Happier”

The Big Melt is Coming! Hell Fire Inevitable!

Embracing Wisdom Over Gossip The drum beat of doom has been pounding out the same headline in the Los Angeles Times for a month now: Beware the Big Melt! The dire warning appeared April 3, April 5, April 11, April 25, April 26, May… Continue Reading “The Big Melt is Coming! Hell Fire Inevitable!”

Foxhole Friends

It has been a tumultuous decade. But the tumultuous part all disappeared for me over a spaghetti dinner two weeks ago. As the noodles wound their way around forks, bread irreverently tossed across the table, and wine spilled onto the floor, one of my… Continue Reading “Foxhole Friends”