Category: Reconnecting with Self

Celebrating Our Species Progress

We have so much to be grateful for, something that becomes clear when you take control. Celebrating the state of our species came to mind after learning of the loss of P-22, the legendary cougar of the Santa Monica Mountains and Griffith Park. He… Continue Reading “Celebrating Our Species Progress”

Manzanita on the Rocks – A Vivifying and Surprising Cocktail

Searching for exposed slices of Vulcan’s highly viscous, ancient exudations during our Thanksgiving holiday road trip may strike one as somewhat odd. But then again, it was a perfect way to celebrate Nature’s ability to remind us of our ephemeral existence, our atavistic connections… Continue Reading “Manzanita on the Rocks – A Vivifying and Surprising Cocktail”

Breathe Again – Become a Chaparral Naturalist

Our New Class Begins February 25, 2023.Please Join Us by Applying on Our Website. There’s nothing quite like discovering kindred spirits at a neighborhood pub. Apparently, everyone had been forewarned and was happy about it – I had come to recruit for Nature, with… Continue Reading “Breathe Again – Become a Chaparral Naturalist”