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New Video – California Chaparral: The Most Underrated Biome

How did Nature ever survive without us? This is a question those who eagerly manipulate wildlands need to ask themselves, be they from environmental management organizations like California State Parks and the Nature Conservancy, or fire agencies like Cal Fire and the US Forest… Continue Reading “New Video – California Chaparral: The Most Underrated Biome”

Destroyer of Habitat – US Forest Service

Due to a sudden influx of money, a federal agency that had once shown promise of becoming a protector of native chaparral habitat, has become a destroyer. The Los Padres National Forest plans to clear a quarter million acres of habitat, most of which… Continue Reading “Destroyer of Habitat – US Forest Service”

Science Provides, Wisdom Will Lead

In Pursuit of Logic: Part V of V “Although most Americans know they are supposed to say ‘We learn from our mistakes,’ deep down they don’t believe it for a minute.”– Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson The key issue we have been struggling with… Continue Reading “Science Provides, Wisdom Will Lead”