Category: Native Plants

Alien Shrubs From Mars?

In Pursuit of Logic: Part II of V Continuing our description of conversations we’ve had recently concerning chaparral, fire, and illogical thinking, Part II of our series shares an often-encountered opinion that in someway, somehow, one of our favorite chaparral shrubs is an unnatural,… Continue Reading “Alien Shrubs From Mars?”

The Magnificent Serpentine Manzanita!

Contributed by Bryant Baker The exquisite bishop or serpentine manzanita (Arctostaphylos obispoensis) is a sight to behold. You can only find it in the Santa Lucia Mountains along California’s Central Coast, primarily in San Luis Obispo County. As one of its common names implies,… Continue Reading “The Magnificent Serpentine Manzanita!”

Create a Native Wildflower/Shrubland Ecosystem in Your Yard

Most people love the idea of creating a native wildflower meadow in their yard. There’s one primary problem, however, that often defeats the process – non-native weeds and grasses. The criminals? Some registered offenders include bur clover, with those nasty, little coiled balls; Bromus,… Continue Reading “Create a Native Wildflower/Shrubland Ecosystem in Your Yard”