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New Video – California Chaparral: The Most Underrated Biome

How did Nature ever survive without us? This is a question those who eagerly manipulate wildlands need to ask themselves, be they from environmental management organizations like California State Parks and the Nature Conservancy, or fire agencies like Cal Fire and the US Forest… Continue Reading “New Video – California Chaparral: The Most Underrated Biome”

I Am Spring

October.The time of heat and drought is ending.Temperamental bouts of rain are near.In anticipation,manzanita flower buds are swelling, sagebrush flowers are blooming,and White-crowned Sparrows are arriving.Signs of me;signs of spring. Elsewhere,dead of winter beckons,flowers have faded,leaves turning gold, red, and brown,and the birds have… Continue Reading “I Am Spring”

Ten Reasons Why Chaparral is so Awesome

Take a drive (or a hike!) into the hills or mountains surrounding nearly every California metropolitan area and you are immediately immersed in chaparral, the state’s most characteristic habitat. What’s out there? In addition to the 10 awesome features listed below, the chaparral is… Continue Reading “Ten Reasons Why Chaparral is so Awesome”