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Three Easy Ways to Live Longer, Happier

By Sitting, Listening, Reading, and ConversingPart I: # 1 – 3 1. Listen to Birds In a new study, four German scientists demonstrated that listening to bird song reduces depression, anxiety, and paranoia (Stobbe et al. 2022). It is yet another confirmation that being… Continue Reading “Three Easy Ways to Live Longer, Happier”

Huell Howser – Choosing to See the Joy

The Light of California There was no mistaking who he was that morning of June 13, 2005, when I turned my car into the Sweetwater River overlook parking lot off Interstate 8 in the wilds of eastern San Diego County. He had on his… Continue Reading “Huell Howser – Choosing to See the Joy”

New Video – California Chaparral: The Most Underrated Biome

How did Nature ever survive without us? This is a question those who eagerly manipulate wildlands need to ask themselves, be they from environmental management organizations like California State Parks and the Nature Conservancy, or fire agencies like Cal Fire and the US Forest… Continue Reading “New Video – California Chaparral: The Most Underrated Biome”