Category: Social Change

Foxhole Friends

It has been a tumultuous decade. But the tumultuous part all disappeared for me over a spaghetti dinner two weeks ago. As the noodles wound their way around forks, bread irreverently tossed across the table, and wine spilled onto the floor, one of my… Continue Reading “Foxhole Friends”

Nature Provides Common Ground, if We Listen

Happiness. Inspired. Encouraged. Comradery. Words like these come to mind every time we have conversations – about Nature. Whether it’s during a presentation, on the trail, or around a fire. Be it over howling grasshopper mice, ancient grizzly bear trails, or hot blood coming… Continue Reading “Nature Provides Common Ground, if We Listen”

When Factual Arguments Fail – Nearly Always

In Pursuit of Logic: Part III of V There is truth in the world. Contrary to popular belief, truth is not all socially constructed. Determining truth can be a relatively simple, straightforward process when the facts are assembled by conscious beings other than Homo… Continue Reading “When Factual Arguments Fail – Nearly Always”