New Video – California Chaparral: The Most Underrated Biome

How did Nature ever survive without us?

This is a question those who eagerly manipulate wildlands need to ask themselves, be they from environmental management organizations like California State Parks and the Nature Conservancy, or fire agencies like Cal Fire and the US Forest Service, all of which encourage the clearance of habitat under the guise of “ecological restoration” supported by a plethora of misconceptions, especially concerning fire.
The new video below is being shared by us to encourage those who are willing to rally their courage and challenge their organization’s human-centric view of Nature and to help fight for the right of native plants and animals to be left alone.

The video focuses on chaparral, a particular target of those who fail to understand the role dense shrubbery plays, including dense forest understories, in supporting California’s rich biodiversity. It was created by an inspiring young man who has been tirelessly championing Nature for the past few years through his fabulous YouTube channel, Jack 4 the Planet.

Enjoy Jack’s new video, California Chaparral – Underappreciated Yet Incredibly Important, by clicking on the image below.

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