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Alien Shrubs From Mars?

In Pursuit of Logic: Part II of V Continuing our description of conversations we’ve had recently concerning chaparral, fire, and illogical thinking, Part II of our series shares an often-encountered opinion that in someway, somehow, one of our favorite chaparral shrubs is an unnatural,… Continue Reading “Alien Shrubs From Mars?”

Investigating the Fragility of the Chaparral

The magic of youth is not in the superficial, but in the unfettered expression of the authentic self. The beauty of age is the wisdom to rediscover the same, if the courage can be found to recognize and accept fallibility. The difficulty many adults… Continue Reading “Investigating the Fragility of the Chaparral”

Denying the Threat of High Fire Frequency in the Chaparral

The beauty and magic of the chaparral ecosystem is dependent on long fire return intervals. If fires occur more frequently than once every 30 years, the chaparral’s rich biodiversity is lost. It saddens us to learn there remains resistance to this fact, despite overwhelming… Continue Reading “Denying the Threat of High Fire Frequency in the Chaparral”