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How Truth Metastasized Into A Lie – The Fire Suppression Fallacy (Part I)

– The Justification Du Jour to Eliminate Nature – We are being lied to. It didn’t start out that way, but as is often the case when money and power are involved, the truth has suffered. And the lie has been crafted to be… Continue Reading “How Truth Metastasized Into A Lie – The Fire Suppression Fallacy (Part I)”

Wildfire Hyperbole: Falsely Blaming Past Fire Suppression

Whenever wildfire is discussed, you can almost guarantee that someone will say something like the following: These unnaturally, hot mega-fires are the result of past fire suppression which has allowed an unnatural accumulation of vegetation. Forests are out of whack. And environmentalists have made… Continue Reading “Wildfire Hyperbole: Falsely Blaming Past Fire Suppression”

The Myth of “Park-like” Forests in the Past

A research paper released yesterday finally did it for us. “The most profound implication of this study is that the need for forest ‘restoration’ designed to reduce variation in fire behavior may be much less extensive than implied by many current forest management plans… Continue Reading “The Myth of “Park-like” Forests in the Past”