Category: Forests

Orwellian “Restoration”

From every corner of the universe it seems one hears how we need to “thin” forests to “restore” them to some preconceived ideal. That sounds nice. How could anyone disagree with that? There’s plenty to disagree with. The forest thinning paradigm is based on… Continue Reading “Orwellian “Restoration””

AGAIN – Past Logging Makes a fire worse

As with the Creek Fire, logging, habitat clearance, and the creation of forest plantations by private corporations and the US Forest Service in the northern Sierra Nevada Bear Fire area are making the fire worse, and threatening lives as a result. The Bear Fire… Continue Reading “AGAIN – Past Logging Makes a fire worse”

The Creek Fire: Made Worse by Past Forest Service Actions

The fire that is the biggest current threat to lives and homes right now is the Creek Fire on the Sierra National Forest. It is currently 135,000 acres. The Creek Fire very rapidly raced through two earlier fires (French fire of 2014, and Aspen… Continue Reading “The Creek Fire: Made Worse by Past Forest Service Actions”