Why We Left Facebook

We can no longer contribute to a platform or a corporation that enables social division, false conspiracies, and bigotry.

This will cost us, as Facebook has been one of our main sources of communication, but we could no longer reconcile our values with Facebook’s. We have left Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Twitter for the same reason.

The problem with using Facebook is not about how one uses it, but how it uses us. FB’s mission is to create an environment that optimizes profit at the cost of community and social cohesion. By design, FB facilitates polarization and contention because social conflict drives the most clicks. FB makes money merely from your presence, whether or not you click on ads or pay to have your posts promoted (as we once did). Divisive groups pay or use FB because they have access to you. If we aren’t there, FB can’t make money.

By boycotting Facebook we send a message to them that we will no longer tolerate their actions that have played a major role in our nation’s rejection of civility, increase in social division, and the election of those who benefit from both.

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