They so Hate Shrubs

The hatred of rich understory native shrubs and delicate life forms that provide habitat for remarkable biodiversity runs deep in many. To them, anything that deviates from the mythological, park-like forest or open grassland is useless, ugly, dangerous. It must be removed.

The reasons run through a usual laundry list* of misconceptions:

1. Too much “brush” due to past fire suppression (demonizing habitat in favor of timber production and ranching).
2. Fires are destroying California’s forests (they aren’t).
3. Native Americans burned and thus prevented large fires (large fires have always happened).
4. Clearing habitat will protect us from devastating wildfires (it won’t).

*Additional information on all this can be found on our fire research page.

Hence, we have Cal Fire, the California Board of Forestry, and Governor Newsom proposing a program to attack 20 million acres of native habitat throughout California, with huge grinding machines, logging, and herbicides. They will likely certify their program this Wednesday (12/11/19) at the Board of Forestry meeting.

Please join us to help stop this insanity. The photos below explain it all. Nature vs. what they want.

Please sign our petition.

Nature as Nature
DSC_5180 II

What they Want
Masticated woodland II

What was, what they did
Microsoft Word - Fremontia cover mastication.doc

Nature as Nature
DSC_5167 IIb

What they Want
Brush Clearing Jean G IMG_2458

Nature as Nature
Big cone Doug fir FINAL

What they Want

What is Growing back Naturally
– post 2013 Rim Fire –

What they Want
– post 2013 Rim Fire –

Chaparral Naturally Rich and Dense
Gaviota area II

What they Want
DSC_0049 III_edited-1

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