Greedy trees are taking all our water?

The anti-forest habitat crusade continues in order to promote more logging and support the impractical US Forest Service goal of attempting to create “drought and fire resistant” forests across the nation through “active” management. Joining the “over-clogged” forest hysteria, we now have the “greedy-trees-are-stealing-all-our-water” propaganda being led by UC engineering professor Roger Bales.

“It seems like a sin of nature that trees may be adding to the misery of California’s extreme drought.”
“More trees means more water stays in the forest.”

Is there an ecologist in the room?

Here’s the article:

This vision is being actively promoted:

What are trees thinking by taking our water before we have a chance to claim it as our own? This reminds us of settlers demonizing Indians for living off the land before “civilization” took it over and set things “right.”

What’s going on here? We have yet to determine where the funds are coming from to promote this vision, but the Association of California Water Agencies, a political advocacy group that promotes water projects, in involved:

Thanks to our contributor Timeless Environments for providing this information.

DSC_5167 IIa.jpg

Above Photo: Some of the greedy, over-grown trees some feel need to be removed to protect our water supply. Tahoe National Forest.

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