Another Citizen’s Rights are Abused by Clearance Contractor

Another man could lose his property due to the predatory practices of the clearance contractor Fire Prevention Services Inc. (FPS) and the dismissive attitude of San Diego County Tax Collector Dan McAllister.

The following is a letter to Cal Fire that we received a copy of last night concerning Benton Yue’s property near the community of Hidden Meadows, just north of Escondido. FPS claimed to have removed 72 dump truck loads of material from the property. See photo below of the property PRIOR to the so-called “abatement.”

Dear Cal Fire,

My situation has gone from bad to worse since my last email to you in September 2012.

Because of the unpaid disputed and unreasonable weed abatement fees from the third party contractor, Fire Protection Services Inc. (FPS), the San Diego County Tax Collector is unwilling to put this fee aside until an investigation is performed on the service and associated fee. Because of this disputed fee in 2010, the Tax Collector considers my property tax to be delinquent. The monthly penalty and interest is $246.18 and adding up every month. The amount due through June 2013 is over $21,000 and increasing.

As a normal hard-working tax payer, I am unable to pay this special assessment amount. Furthermore, the County told me that if the delinquent fee is not paid, the property will be subject to tax sale. I will then lose my property.

I understand that numerous home owners in California lost their properties to tax sales due to excessive unpaid weed abatement/special assessment fees, a situation not dissimilar to mine. The “victim” list continues to grow.

I would like to have an opportunity to speak with you before end of this week and solicit your help on this matter. Please let me know when would be a good time to call you.

Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated.


WHAT YOU CAN DO: Send an email to Gov. Brown explaining that citizen rights are being abused by fire clearance contractors, specifically Fire Prevention Services, Inc. and that Benton Yue is just a recent example. Local officials have consistently ignored the problem.

You can find out how this has been a continuing pattern of abuse by visiting our webpage concerning Joseph Diliberti’s unfortunate experience:

Benton Property 11_2_2012 IV

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