Category: Climate Change

Overgrown shrubs?

Our letter to journalists. We respectfully request that in future articles on wildfires in California, you dispense with the word “overgrown” when describing environments dominated by native shrubs as used in your recent articles on the Detwiler Fire (e.g. overgrown shrubs, overgrown vegetation)(1). Or… Continue Reading “Overgrown shrubs?”

Native Shrublands: Past, Present, and Future

It is interesting to think about what natural California was like in the past, and sobering to consider its future. Below are several photos that will offer a few point/counterpoints when discussing how to treat the nature we have left. The loss of native… Continue Reading “Native Shrublands: Past, Present, and Future”

Dinosaur Flatulence and Coffee?

The climate of the early Mesozoic – It’s coming right back at ya through your car’s tail pipe and your power plant’s smokestack. That’s why we are returning to a climate that’s overall going to be a lot warmer. How? Here are the facts:… Continue Reading “Dinosaur Flatulence and Coffee?”